Wine and Wildlife Online Event

I am excited to present this Thursday (July 30th) for the groundbreaking Wine and Wildlife Virtual Pairing series presented by Lomond Wine Estate. Even more, I’m thrilled to be joined by Wildlife ACT – the wildlife conservation group partnered with my Rosé and Syrah. Please RSVP for FREE before all the seats are taken!

“Presented by Lomond Wine Estate and Wildlife ACT, join us for a continuation of our Wine and Wildlife pairings exploring the “Alchemy of Nature” – this time focusing on the African Wild Dog. Assistant Winemaker Trevor DeRuisé virtually sits down with Pippa Orpen of Wildlife ACT, for an informative wine tasting and discussion on Pinot Noir and South Africa’s most endangered carnivore – the African Wild Dog”

4 comments on “Wine and Wildlife Online Event”


    I am keen to join having enjoyed your white wine previously, but am a little hazy how this ‘virtual’ event works?? (old lady 🙂

  • tderuise Post author

    Hi Suzette, thank you for the comment. All you need to do is drop your email in the form above and you’ll receive an email tomorrow with the official invite and the link to get into the virtual ‘room’. We use Zoom, but all of this info and how to get setup will be in that invite message – and I’ve also just sent you an email so you can give me a ring if you run into any problems. Hope to see you there!

  • Mariaan Uys

    Am I too lekker for this event?

  • tderuise Post author

    Hi Mariaan, you are not too late. The event is scheduled for this evening (30/07) at 6pm. Hope to see you then!