South Africa Brand Ambassadors

I’m currently seeking LOST BOY ambassadors in South Africa.

Nothing great in this world is ever accomplished alone. LOST BOY is much more than a wine label to me – it’s the change that I hope to catalyze in the world. If my message and passion has resonated with you, then I’d love your help in doing just that.

A LOST BOY ambassador is someone who shares my same ethos and organically has the means and inclination to spread it far and wide.

This is NOT a sales position. It isn’t even a paid position. I’m seeking people who are genuinely stoked about what I’m doing and would like to open a bottle with their friends at their next braai in the mountains or at the finish line of their next race and tell the story.

The ideal ambassador is someone who:

  • Shares the LOST BOY ethos
  • Loves wine, wildlife, and the outdoors
  • Is able to provide high quality content in the form of photos and videos
  • Is engaged with like-minded communities and able to organize group tastings

What’s in it for the ambassador?

  • 1 mixed case of wine every other month
  • Exclusive LOST BOY apparel
  • Exposure to the LOST BOY platform
  • Access to all Gansbaai secret MTB trails and unlimited high-fives

How will selections be made? I’d be lying if I said ordering my wine previously won’t help your odds. My early supporters, the ones who ordered my wine without even knowing me, are the ones that my message resonated with the most and this program is only possible because of them.

But the biggest factors in selecting ambassadors is going to be authenticity, a genuine understanding and connection to the LOST BOY ethos, and a viable potential to spread the word to like-minded communities.

So has LOST BOY resonated with you? Are you interested in being apart of it? To apply to be an ambassador:

  1. Share the below photo in a story on Instagram or Facebook and tag me (@LOSTBOYtrev)
  2. DM me on IG or FB and answer the following:
    1. What is the LOST BOY ethos?
    2. Why do you want to be an ambassador?
    3. What could you uniquely do to help spread the word?


6 comments on “South Africa Brand Ambassadors”

  • Tebogo Leballo

    I actually liked the name Lost Boy from the 1st time I saw it.
    I have been following you for a bit now.
    I like the story behind the wine.

  • Nicholas

    I would love to be a LB ambassador! I love marketing and advertising. I do photography and videography which would make a great combination in spreading your image and brand. Having a large audience on my Instagram account as well as having many family and friends which love wine would help in spreading the word as we are a very social family and at every social there will always be wine drunk. I would like to come do some promo videos for you and get your brand out there! I look forward to your response!

  • selma jacobs

    So so interested. But I am not a list boy I am a lost girl

  • Patrick Rogers

    If your ever interested in the states. I live on an island community on the Eastern Shore of Va. I was an ambassador for KTM under you. I duck hunt, fish, bike, hike, and deal in space/aviation. I love wine being raise in Rome Italy

  • Louise De Bruyn

    Hi, there! I read your story. And as a wine lover, I thought of opening a wineshop, cum place to meet and “kuier” (gather and talk and eat) in Bronkhorstspruit. I initially wanted to have only local wines on the shelfs, but then your story and beautiful label grabbed me and made me say, ha!! Love this guys passion for S.A.!!! I love my country and seeing that people pass 1 another on the street without thought saddens me. I love people and love to interact with them. I worked at a winery in the lowveld, where they make orange wine, and I learned to love the process and the product. There the locals do the “kuier” thing every weekend etc. I thought of bringing it to my town, where I grew up and which I love. In a small farmtown such as ours, people need to be a community and that is what I want to create. Along with my hubby, we want to live our dream of creating a place where people would like to come and have all of the above, and can do what we south Africans do best, eat and drink!!! But it is a slow go, for money is an issue as well as us not having a liqour licence. So we are doing the next best thing, hosting flea markets and maybe get somebody to come on board to host a wine tasting, like they do in the cape. For us, something like being ambassadors to your wine, would open those doors to us. I don’t have an instagram account, and that is why I’m taking this chance and hope you read our story, and come to our aid. We love wine and we would love this opportunity to come our way!!! Please help us make our dream come true!!!!!!????

  • Lemmington

    Lost boy from Zimbabwe, studied medicine at John Hopkins, lived in Boston before my love for the great outdoors and nature brought me back to Africa.
    I was born in the resort town of Victoria Falls. Currently based in Kwazulu-Natal in the Midlands. I am an outdoors person, love fishing, swimming, surfing, mountain biking off road and yes, I am an avid sommelier.
    I can’t think of a better way than being a lost boy ambassador and free wine.