3 Day Gravel Stage Race on the Farm

There are many awesome things about life on the Southernmost Tip of Africa. The fynbos, the sea, the mountains, etc. But without a doubt, one of the best things about this place is the gravel riding. Which is why I am so stoked for…

The YETI Gravel Raid!

June 16-18 2022, this 3 day stage race (right on the farm) is the kind of event that reminds you how rad cycling and the cycling community is. It’s a kind of event that reminds me why I won’t ever stop racing bikes. Let me break it down for ya…

First things first. Is a gravel bike necessary? NO. I’ll be on my mtb. You certainly can be too. Will the skinny tires have a slight speed advantage at times? Perhaps. But what we lose in rolling resistance we will definitely make up for in stoke on every descent ?

Now the race….

June 16th is a Night Crit on a course that is briefly going to make you question why you paid money to participate in this (embrace the pain ?). Each lap will take you straight up the mountain between the Sauvignon Blanc vineyards. No time for resting at the top – now you’ll be shooting straight down the coolest groomed singletrack on the farm. Vines, berms, jumps, and all the anaerobic fun you could ask for on a Friday night.

June 17th is the big one. You’ll be treated to an 80km gravel route where you’ll be racing on all the best roads in the area. No cars around, no buildings, no people… Just you, your bike, and fynbos as far as you can see (the proteas are exploding all over the mountains right now). From every high point on the route you’ll see the sea down below you.

Word on the street is there will be sherry at the halfway point which reminds me how critical it is to stay hydrated. Not necessarily for the bike race, but for the full on rock concert these guys have planned for Saturday night.

June 18th is a gentle 31km gravel route. Why just 31km? Because you’ve been at a rock concert all night bro.

This route will start out gentle but you’ll soon climb high into the mountains above the farm where you’ll have epic Walker Bay views before sending the long descent back down to the farm.

Check out all the details and get yourself signed up here: https://www.scuttle.co.za/scuttle-events/yeti-gravel-raid/

Oh, I will also be doing free wine tastings all weekend for those interested. You’ll just have to excuse my mustache and the IPA I’ll be drinking while you taste. I’m in full gravel mode ? Book your free tasting here: https://lostboy.co.za/tastings/?v=68caa8201064

See y’all in June!