2024 Harvest Update

On January 15th the 2024 harvest began for me with Pinot Noir for the LOST BOY Brut Rosé Cap Classique base wine. Tomorrow, March 11th, it’ll be wrapping up with my final pick of the season: Malbec 🍷

Yields have been a bit down across all cultivars but an uncharacteristically warm and dry growing season for us in Cape Agulhas has yielded beautiful, healthy, ripe fruit. Quality over quantity has been the theme.

The real stand-outs this year have been Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah. Both cultivars have been showing the best flavours, analysis, and potential I’ve ever experienced here, which is a big statement in a region famous for SB and Syrah.

I’ve again done 2 different Pet Nat sparkling wines which will be the very first releases of the 2024 vintage. The one was made from Pinot Noir from my good friends front yard vineyard in Stanford. This very limited wine will consist of just 200 bottles for 2024 😅

And the 2nd Pet Nat is once again made from 100% Syrah. A favourite from 2023 of many, including my fiancé, Monique. The stress in making Pet Nat is always high given the delicate/natural nature of the wine and getting your sparkle just right. You only get one chance to do it correctly. However, this year in particular it was EXTRA nerve-racking as it will also serve as our wedding wine here in a matter of weeks (can’t disappoint my skoonma).

Currently in the winery, my Syrah is still busy fermenting. I only anticipate pressing this wine in another 7-10 days. While the favourite of many of you, Malbec, will only be pressed towards the end of the month.

Only within the last week has a chill in the air become noticeable and jackets have become the regular attire each morning in the winery. The changing of the seasons has begun and with it, the end of another incredible harvest.

There are many feelings that I experience this time of year. But the greatest of which is simply gratitude.

Can’t wait to share the year’s work with y’all soon 🙏 #Wines4TheWild